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Project Description

In late 2017 Pussycat Moles Travelling Gin Emporium, a business based in Wimborne, approached Pirate Monkey for a quirky steampunk style website and brand to function as a permanent home for what is a moving business.

The website, that will be visited by large businesses such as festival organisers through to individuals looking for something a little different for their own celebrations, provides simple, clear information in a ‘one page website’ style.

Pussycat Moles have lovingly restored their old horse trailer, and are taking to the road with an eclectic range of gins and gin based beverages. Operated by the ‘two old bats’ Lee, who started the business in 2015, and Julie who joined the fun at the beginning of 2017.

What is a ‘one page website’

One page websites arrived as a trend in 2015 but have remained and been embraced by even the largest brands. This is due in part to the simplicity of use and ability to focus the attention of the user on one, or very few, topics.

These sites lend themselves better to transitions and effects particular when the visitor scrolls or moves their mouse – try moving the mouse the banner of Pussycat Moles website.

This style is great if you don’t have too much information to convey, and can reduce the budget of your build too – depending on how many effects, whizzes and bangs you want of course!

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